Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuesday, September 13

On Tuesday, my co-instructor Walter taught class. I assisted with our students and helped out throughout the lesson. After the lesson I stayed after and worked with one of our students, and also created flip charts for our class room. I have been creating flip charts with all the important information/details from each lesson and hanging them up around our classroom for our students to better understand/to reinforce the topics covered.
Walter covered a drill for after lesson 11 and lesson 12.
In the drill the students practiced listening. Walter gave a sequence of sounds, the students were then instructed to listen and write the letters that made those sounds in the correct sequence.
Example - (p) (n) (i), (f) (u) (a)
Covered these.
(m) (t) (b) (k) (z) (o) (j) (i) (g) (u) (r) (b)
(a) (h) (y) (w) (e) (i) (p) (l) (o) (t) (s) (m) (u) (g)
Next, they worked on reading short e, and used a student worksheet. The worksheet involves words that include the same vowels but have different initial and final sounds.
Example - fed, men, get, peg
They then practiced words that had different vowels, but the same initial and final sounds.
Example - lag, lug, leg
They practiced 26 sets all together.
To practice spelling, they covered different words and had to spell them.
jib, nap, sep, log, pab, elk, asp, gag, luz
Each student then had to write out these sentences:
Ed had ham.
The red rat ran up the pot.
Can I sit on the bin?
The hog is at the bed!
Jan fed the cat in the den.
Ten men had a bet.
To work on structure and accent, the students were read words and asked to accent them.
remark, program, permit, remember, student, dictation, regret, practice.
After - students were told that each of these words had more than on syllable and which syllable had the accent.

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