Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 8

ABRP Instructors - Kim Galati, Walter Pierce, & Myself

August 30th marked the fourth day of class. We did our first drill and covered lesson 7. The drills we have cover and summarize topics we learn in the lessons before hand. So before the 30th we covered lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 5 so on the 30th we did the drill for after lesson 6 and lesson 7.

In the drill for after lesson 6, we covered what syllables are, and why we need vowel sounds. We also discussed and practiced different kinds of syllables and vowels.

The exact drill was - "I will say a syllable, you echo, isolate the vowel sound and then tell me the name of the vowel that makes that sound. (Do the first dew as a group, then call on individual students.) Syllables practiced = tif, lin, taf, bid, tav, lan, pit, tap.

fter the drill we covered learned words, which are words that are not pronounced as they are written. (a, the, of)

For auditory practice the students were instructed to listen to a series of sounds, and then were asked to identify them as same or different. We utilized the colored blocks for the multisensory approach, and used different colors to represent each sound.

We then practiced initial sounds by saying a word, having the students echo the whole word, then saying the sound we hear in the initial position. After this, we went over the letter that made the sound. Words practiced = run, nut, mouse, date, toy, sent, page, kitten, pin, axe, book, bike

We then practiced the final sound by doing the same thing for the initial sound. Words practiced = stump, mud, Jim, putt, hook, smell, step, flat, pig, roof, half, round, can

We covered reading by utilizing a worksheet that allowed the students to read down and across the word list. Each student was assigned to one row.

The last thing we covered in our drill was dictated spelling and single syllables. Students were directed to listen to a word or syllable, echo it, and then say the vowel whose sound they heard in the medial position of the word. They were then directed to listen to a syllable echo it, and write it in the blanks provided.

This drill covered all the topics taught in lessons 1-6.

In lesson 7 we practiced isoltating the first and last syllables, listening and echoing multisyllable words, and we introduced short vowel o with the key word octopus.

It's so wonderful to see the students picking up on the langauge, engaging in the video and the lessons, asking questions, and expanding their english literacy skills.

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