Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 1

Our classroom

I conducted my first class independently on Thursday, September 1st. I taught both lessons 8 and 9. We had a pretty full classroom, and it was exciting and nerve-wrecking to conduct my first class, on my own, for the first time. In the end, it all turned out okay and was a successful class.

We began our class with lesson 8. In lesson 8 we covered the alphabet, multisyllable words, and producing the final syllable. The tape and I would say a partial word, and the students would complete it by adding a syllable. Examples : helicop = helicopter, motorcy(cle), escala(tor), alligat(tor), celebra(tion), televisi(sion), dictionar(y), eleva(tor), thermome(ter).

We also covered and learned new consonants j, v, and w, & their key words jungle, vest, and web. We covered how the write the letters and how to pronounce them. We practiced echoing and identifying the sound in initial position by utilizing the words : jasper, wicker, valid, joust, vellum, and weep.

To learn and practice reading we went over our daily reading deck and practiced reading words with our new consonants j, v, and w. We utilized a worksheet and also covered some high frequency and learned words.

High frequency words : if, big, will, got, not, on, off, man, ask, go, no, so

Learned words: of, to, do

We also practiced spelling out words and isolating sounds in syllables. We used our colored blocks to represent sounds. The students listened and echoed each word, isolated the sounds, and represented each sound with a different colored block. We went over the nonsense words : rog, bon, dosp, flop, mom, and stog.

In lesson 9, we split the alphabet in two and went over the two different halves. A - M and N - Z. The students named and indentified which half of the alphanet the letter belonged in. We then covered the sound system and syllables. The students were given words, and were asked to count to the syllables. Words used : blowout, Dracula, equator, patriotic, individual, mosquito, swamp.

They then practiced isolating the first syllable with the words : (ze)bra, (dim)ple, (bi)cycle, (vol)cano, (mocca)sin, (luna)tic, (thun)der.

We then went over a new letter, short vowel u, and the key word umbrella. To practice reading we went through our daily reading deck, named the letters, key words, and sounds. We practiced reading words with the syllables u, a, o, and , and we covered a student worksheet.

We learned the High Frequency words but, up, us and the Learned words you, and put, and covered the definition of a sentence.

A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought.

To practice spelling we wrote out words and practiced echoing, isolating the final sound in words, and writing them. We used another student worksheet and covered the words : tint, bab, tisp, gad, nog, and gam.

Moving along in the lessons, I can see the progress of our students. After teaching my first lesson I felt pretty confident, but I know it's all a learning process. One of my students told me she really enjoyed class with me, and it melted my heart. Giving back, and helping others is one thing I know I want to be doing for the rest of my life. Knowing that my students are learning English and literacy skills is so amazing. I can only hope that this class helps them function outside of classroom, in their personal and public lives.

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