Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 5

Today was an exciting day at work. We had a screening session for another one of our ABRP classes. I got to work and got started preparing for the screenings.

Around noon, people started arriving. During the screening I administered the Gray-Oral Reading Test. We give four tests including a Diagnostic Decoding Survey, the IOTA Word Test, the Gillingham/Child's Proficiency Scale, and the Gray-Oral Reading Test. Each of the people must take each of these tests and from here we can see which class they should be in.
After we screening all seven students, I learned how to grade the tests, and completed all grading. From these scores we can accurately place these students in the correct class ASAP.

One student was especially inspiring today. She told me how she does not want to work dead-beat jobs anymore and how she is so motivated to get an education. She also explained how she was raised in the "hood" and how her Ebonics is flawed because of that. She explained how she wants to be able to speak in her neighborhood and also be able to speak in a professional setting. It was interesting to see intercultural communication and code-switching play out in real life. We then discussed the term code-switching, and she said she wants to be able to do it in her everyday life. She also told me she was VERY excited to be in this class, and is excited and determined to learn.

It was a very gratifying and honorable moment. It's so crazy to interact and really reflect and learn from our students.

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