Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 6

Last Thursday, August 18th marked the first day of class. Students began arriving around 10:00 because class started at 10:30.

It was so nice to meet everyone and get to know new faces and names. We had 11 students total, some people repeating the class, and others fresh beginners. Everyone made their way into class, and we all introduced ourselves. Once, we were all settled we began our lesson.

We covered two lessons in our session which included: the alphabet, identifying same and different sounds, syllables, coding vowels blocked by a consonant with a breve, short vowel i, and consonants t, p, and s.

The lesson is a video and multi-sensory. The students use a plastic alphabet and colored blocked to determine same and different sounds. The approach is multi-sensory so the students are using more then one sense to learn these literacy skills. I observed the first lesson, and jumped in to help students who seemed behind or struggling. I will be observing and slowly beginning to teach lessons this upcoming week.

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