Sunday, August 19, 2012

Partnership in Life

NEVER EVER make someone a priority in your life when you have zero importance in theirs, especially after years. If their actions reflect that they don't give a shit, accept it, and move on. It is wasted time and energy when there are plenty of people in the world ready to make the commitment to be an actual partner in life, and want more than just surface relationships. The term "partner" can be applied in different ways. Partner as in friendships, romantic relationships, colleagues, peers, etc. Actions speak louder than words. Promises are just forms of "verbal rhetoric" when lacking any follow through. The people close to us reflect our inner-selves and help shape us to be better people in our future. Never stay in something that makes you feel worthless, degraded, unintelligent, belittled and/or uninspired, even if it's comfortable. Find people who uplift you, prioritize you, love you for you, listen to you, take interest in your life, and can actually be supportive. Life will reward you with new, fresh, hellos for saying good-bye and walking away from unhealthy baggage.

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