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Thursday, October 6th

On Thursday, October 6th we covered the drill for after lesson 17 and lesson 18. During our drill we practiced blends.
I gave the blends fl, gr, tr, sl, bl, pl, br, and dr and every one of my students had to say a word that begun with each blend.
Next, we worked on initial sounds and blends. I said each word, and my students had to give me the initial sounds in each and the blend.
flake, sprite, stun, bland, proof, grief, blouse, crutch, slippery
We then practiced blends on a worksheet, which included words with the same vowel and final sound but the initial and blends changed. Each student had to read aloud.
We practiced short vowel sounds. I dictated the following words to my students: tram, cud, stip, heb, pris, blot, mog, sav, hox, and ven. My students had to identify the vowel in each and give me the sound of that vowel. We also used a worksheet, I dictated words and then they had to decide which vowel sound was in the word.
To practice spelling we worked with rhyming words, dictation, and sentences.
I gave my students the words : rob, clap, bend, miss, time, bell, hand, nick
They had to come up with words that rhymed with each of these.
I dictated the following words : clam, dram, flit, split, drop, prop, club, stub, wet, and fret. I had my students identify the vowels in each and spell them on the board.
We then practiced sentences including:
The pink cross cost six cents.
Mom sent Bill to trim the grass.
My dog will sniff to find scraps of food.
I also assigned my students a homework sheet where they had to match two words with the same meaning to practice definitions/context.
In lesson 18, we practiced the alphabet and alphabetizing. We used a worksheet to alphabetize words in columns. We had two columns of words. The first column we did together in class, and the second was assigned as homework.
To practice the sound system we worked with alliteration. Students were given three words that started with the same letter, and then had to produce two more words that began with the same letter.
pot, pan, pat
best, book, blue
see, sat, some
two, toes, touch
can, come, catch
house, hen, help
rain, ranch, race
**Alliteration refers to the repetition of the same initial sound of several words in a sentence or phrase.
In new learning, we learned that s makes a (z) sound when voiced. The new key word is nose (z).
My students completed a worksheet to practice the voiced z sound.
Rule: (V) s = (z) (V)ss=(s)
Vowel with one s after makes z sound
Vowel with two ss's after make s sound
Note: letter before the s determines if it is s or z sound
To practice reading, we did our daily reading deck, naming the letters, key words, and sounds.
We also practiced short vowel drill focusing on e and i, and completed a student worksheet focusing specifically on e and i (reading words with short vowels e and i in them)
We practiced high frequency words : is, as, his, has
learned words: oh, was, with, you, put, do, Monday, why
We worked on surprise sentences and used two student worksheets to find them and label them. We practiced the four different types of sentences:
1) telling
2) asking
3) command
4) surprise
To practice spelling, we spelled orally first and then wrote out words. We also learned the Floss Rule and spelt the words stiff, frill and spill.
Floss Rule: vowel in a closed syllable is short, code it with a breve; 2 like consonants - 2nd code silent
Example - stiff (second f is silent)

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